Suffocating bureaucracy

By Claes Johan Alexandersson

From: International Assessment Committee
To: Matthew, disciple of Jesus
Subject: Missing information

Thank you for your latest report. We were pleased to read that Jesus has continued to build awareness among the target group. It sounds like you had a good number at the latest meeting – five thousand men, besides women and children. You state in the report that all were fed and afterwards twelve baskets full of the broken pieces left over were taken up.

But we are concerned that you are not following our procurement and gender policy. We ask you to send the following documents / information:

  • Your procurement policy
  • How well you followed this procurement policy for this specific event. For example, please include:
    • A copy of each of each tender bid.
    • An explanation, why you miscalculated the amount of food needed.
    • Please send us the exact number of women and girls as this is not stated in the report.

In the name of your Lord,
The assessment committee

PS. Don’t forget to relate the activities to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the future.

This week:
What can you do differently to let people’s ideas flourish and not suffocate them in bureaucracy?

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