Space for Grace Leading with Hope Webinar – 26th November 2021

Watch the Webinar here


These visuals are simplified version adapted from two webinars that Space for Grace facilitated on the 4th of December 2020 and 22nd of January 2021 for leaders of Swedish agencies supported by SMC – Faith in Development..

Encounter for Nordic FBO Leaders – Sigtuna Stiftelsen 2019 (Photos by Elaine Vitikainen)

Space for Grace Days – Linköping 2017 (Photos by Elaine Vitikainen)

Scandinavian Leadership Encounter – Oslo 2015 (Photos by Sigbjörn Kiserud)

Space for Grace Steering team meeting – Dubai 2015 (Photos by Elaine Vitikainen)

African Encounter – Mombasa 2014 (Photos by Matilda Pearson)

African Encounter – Nairobi 2010