Space for Grace

Space for Grace is a way of working; a theory of change, indeed a theology of change. Space for grace is about integrating a spiritual dimension into change processes, in ways that bring life and acceptance. Creating space for grace is important for individuals to change; for organisations to develop and also to strengthen partnerships. Read more

Who we are

Space for Grace as a network comprises of people from all over the world who share a passionate interest in learning about Organisational Development with Churches and Christian organisations. Read more

What we do

Space for grace is both an approach and a network of people. We exist to:

  1. Inspire individual members to integrate their faith into their organisational work.
  2. Share knowledge and learning to improve leadership and organisational change practices in churches and Christian organisations.
  3. Facilitate relationships between members for collaboration and mutual support. Read more


Short Chronology of Space for Grace

Like so many things, Space for Grace started from a conversation. Rick James was telling  Karl-Erik Lundgren from Swedish Mission Council about a remarkable OD experience he just had, where God had intervened in a supernatural way in an Evangelical Fellowship of Churches in Africa. They wanted to understand more about how God intervened in organisational change today. This led to publishing ‘Creating Space for Grace’ in 2004. Read more