Learning from peers

We often learn more from peers than from any formal training processes. At the recent Space for Grace Retreat for leaders of Nordic Mission we used a peer clinic process. People found the approach very effective, so we thought you might like to know how it works. You can easily adapt it and use it within your own organisations, with peers from other organisations or even in small groups at church.

In brief, we followed the action learning set process of someone taking ten minutes or so to present to the group a live issue they are facing. After questions of clarification, the group discusses the situation based on their own experience, but without falling into the trap of giving advice or trying to fix the situation. The presenter then draws their own learning from the discussion. The process was greatly enriched by integrating a spiritual, ‘space for grace’ dimension. We created time to stop and listen to God for pictures, verses, images or words. We also prayed for the person at the end. It took less than one hour. At the next session, another person presented. If you want more details click here. Also, a sketchnote version can be found here.

This week:
How can I create opportunities to learn from and share my own experiences with peers?

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