Untying yourself for 2019

By Elaine Vitikainen

I wonder how many times last year I told someone that I was ‘tied up’?

A colleague told me how she felt like a boat, meant to go somewhere with a clear purpose and destination, but remaining tied up to the dock. We give in to lots of distractions, but sometimes, it seems like good things tie us to the shore – marriages, family, work… But perhaps when we make these our idols, when we worship them, they also tie us up and limit our ability to respond to what God calls us to.

What would have happened if Jesus was tied-up when the children came to him (Matt 19: 13-14)? The Weekly Thought, Interruptions are your work, reminded us how many of Jesus’ miracles were interruptions.

This week:
What is God calling us to do this year? Be open to listen to what God has for us
How can we untie ourselves to prioritise our time for this?

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