Weekly Thoughts to inspire your leadership

Leadership is really difficult. Chances are it may be the costliest thing you will ever do. Leaders in the Bible all seemed to have a pretty hard time too. Leading with grace is a daunting calling.

To survive and even thrive in this demanding calling, we have to cultivate a vibrant relationship with God. We need to be able to say, like Peter, ‘Follow me, as I follow Christ’. (1 Cor 11). We believe God calls each of us to be ‘stewards of grace’ (1 Pet 4). We can only pass on what we have received.

We hope this Leading with Grace booklet will help you cultivate your character and your relationship with God. Not in the comparative safety of Sunday services, but in the messy frustrations of organisational life. Use them how you wish, each day, each week, on your own, in your team, at home, in the office… We pray that these thoughts leave you inspired, supported and challenged to become the leader God wants you to be.

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