The space for grace song

A bird does not sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song” said the writer Maya Angelou. What song have you been given to sing? What is the unique contribution you are here on this earth to make? Are you spending enough time focused on your calling?

As a steering team of the learning group we have been asking ourselves these strategic questions. Earlier this month, in Space for Grace Principles, we noted down the essence of the melody we have been given to sing. Making the notes more explicit is not about trying to capture the answer, but about reminding us of the underlying tune. To improvise effectively, we have to know the melody.

The song will sound distinct in different places, with different voices and different instruments. Like any calling, it’s something that’s much bigger than any individual or even the learnng group as a whole. Like any calling it will evolve and develop, whilst remaining true to God-given principles of human change.

We believe we can all create space for grace, wherever we are working, whatever difficult situations we are dealing with.

Think about the challenges you face in work this week. How would these space for grace principles sound?


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