Waiting for Answers To Prayer

By Angelina Twinomujuni

At home, I have to use charcoal to cook with – especially for yams and plantains. I recently noticed I was almost completely out, so I prayed. But nothing happened. I started to get anxious. So I borrowed some money to restock. Just as evening came the next day, my brother-in-law turned up out of the blue. He brought with him a huge bag of charcoal from his distant travels in the countryside. It dwarfed the small bag I had bought with the borrowed money.

It dawned on me, that although I had prayed, I had not really trusted God to answer. I felt a bit like Abraham who became impatient while waiting for his promised son (Isaac) to arrive. He ended up taking matters into his own hands, slept with Hagar – the consequences are still with us today.

In your work this week, ask yourself:

  • What situations am I facing that are pushing my back to the wall?
  • Have I even prayed about them yet? And if I have:
  • Am I genuinely trusting God to answer in his timing?

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