Acting with kindness

By Elaine Vitikainen

Small acts of kindness meant a lot to me last year. As I navigated through changes in my life, many people supported me.

What surprised me was that the people who helped me most were in some sense my competitors in the field. Instead of criticising or keeping to themselves their knowledge to get ahead of the game, they willingly shared what they have. They were quick to give advice when asked and generously provided me with any resources they thought I was lacking. They gave me encouragement, appreciation and love. Interestingly, these are not people who say they love the Lord or that they will pray for me. They were initially more like distant acquaintances than friends. But they still acted out of kindness.

It made me think, how easy is it to say “I’ll pray for you” without really thinking or bothering to grasp how the other person feels or needs. Many times I respond too superficially without showing real love and compassion. I think that I care, but without really showing care.

This week, how can we act in kindness towards those we work with?
How can we make kindness an act instead of just a concept?


  1. I have observed something common in our Christian community in this part of the world. We love to talk. Infact there is much talk and less action and the words of James 3:1-12 are very true

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