Thankfulness in 2022

By Rick James

Gratitude is such an incredible asset. Scientific research studies tell us that it brings:

Mental, psychological and spiritual benefits such as:
– Making us happier (by 10% in the long term according to studies)
– Improves our mood, making us more positive and optimistic
– Increases our self-confidence and self-esteem
– Helps us deal better with grief and trauma and protects us from depression
– Makes us more forgiving and less prone to envy or jealousy
– Strengthens our relationship with God

Being thankful also brings social benefits according to the research:
– It makes people like us more, increasing our social support circle
– Improves our friendships
– Helps our romantic relationships
– Strengthens our family support, especially in times of stress

Gratitude also provides some surprising physical benefits as it:
– Improves our sleep quality
– Increases the likelihood of us taking exercise
– Reduces our blood pressure
– Improves out immune function
– Increases our lifespan with 7-9% less risk of heart disease

Who does not want all those benefits?

As I reflect back on 2022 with all its challenges and trials, what specific people and events can I be thankful for?
How can I make gratitude more of a habit, so that it becomes part of my character?

Space for Grace wishes you a blessed Christmas. The next Weekly Thought will be published on Monday, the 16th of January 2023.

1 comment

  1. Holiday Blessings to you as well.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your nuggets of wisdom.

    Graciously, Doris Young Boyer

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