The Heart of Waiting

By Stanley Arumugam

I am generally patient in things that are meaningful for me. I can work on a long assignment, wait for necessary inspiration, sit patiently with someone that is sick and needs company, watch a baby fall slowly to sleep and wait a whole year for my bulbs to bloom again as the seasons change.

I am less patient with long lines that go nowhere slowly; filling bureaucratic forms; going through the motions of life; playing politics and walking on eggshells around fragile people.

Sometimes waiting feels heavy when we are in places of desperation. How much longer Lord? This is when we feel the heavy weight of waiting. It’s hard, real and places us in vulnerable spaces when we are waiting for good outcomes out of our control.

When we wait for someone we love to get well and it just is an eternity; when we wait for our studies to be complete; when we wait for a friend to break the silence; when we wait for the sound of forgiveness; for that promotion or job increase to finally come through. Waiting for answers to difficult questions.

Sometimes when we surrender in our waiting, the weight is slowly lifted. Doors open; fear flys away; soft peace enters our hearts. Love and Light fill our souls. While we continue to wait.

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