Leading by letting go

By Stanley Arumugam

Leadership is about both taking on and about letting go. But letting go is hard. We’re wired to take on more, give more, do more. Strategic plans bulge at the seams with new ambitions, new initiatives, new markets, new ways of working.

But letting go is also essential for leading well. It’s discerning when to stay, when to leave; it’s about knowing what works and be bold enough to recognise what doesn’t. When less becomes more. When the important matters more than urgent. When people come before tasks.

Letting go requires courage. It’s not giving up, acquiescing, compromising. It’s not a state of failure but one of intentionality. Letting go of the things that get in our way from being our best as individuals, teams and organisations.

Letting go of our ego is the biggest task of leaders. Our ego often gets in the way, creating blind spots and leaving us insecure and search of the approval of others.

This week, think about what you need to let go of, in your life and your organisation?

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