Partnership with God through work

By Angelina M. Twinomujuni

Do you ever feel that your work is not significant? You are not alone. I feel like that sometimes. I am encouraged by others who have walked before me when I feel this way. Moses did not think that tending sheep was significant until he was asked to lead a people out of bondage. The skills that he mastered tending his sheep became important in his journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. God is in the habit of partnering with people to address societal issues. He is able to use whatever you do or have to influence your family, community, organisation and even nation. Moses had a staff in his hand. That staff became a powerful tool, used to demonstrate God’s power leading to the deliverance of a people who had been in bondage for over 400 Years.

It is so easy to look at your work as an ordinary task. I am only crunching numbers you may say, or just walking the baby to the park, reviewing and analysing reports, or even monitoring progress markers for project implementation. However, work is more than a task. Work is a calling. Work is worship. Work is mission. Your work can be a strategic frontier for the advancement of the gospel. The next time you think that you are just going to work, remember that your work is more than your job description. Your work can transcend your tasks when it is surrendered to God.

This week, are there steps you need to take to improve on the way you look at your work?


    1. Many thanks for writing this, Angelina. I’m really encouraged by this Weekly Thought. If you have more Weekly Thoughts to share to the network, please feel free to get in touch with us. Thanks!

  1. Powerful! Powerful! The kind of word I needed for my next move…..And I love what God asked Moses, ” What is in your hand”…… From that moment on, that rod of Moses was no longer his, in some instances it became referred to as the Rod of God or simply the rod!!!

  2. Thank you Angelina.
    Am reminded of the scripture…. Worship the Lord with all your strength… Guess what, strength is expended while working; yes work is worship.

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