How did we serve you?

By Elaine Vitikainen

The renewed Space for Grace website is now on its fifth year with 13,580 visits. Visitors have benefitted from the rich resources that Space for Grace has to offer. But what is Space for Grace? How did it start? What do we do?

Here you can read the short chronology of Space for Grace. This very early conversation led to the publishing of ‘Creating Space for Grace’ in 2004. It was through this booklet that I first encountered Space for Grace. This booklet was shared to the organisation I worked with in Cambodia. We also have published a Sketchnote which explains why we exist and what we do.

But how did we serve you? Where are we going? Please send us an email at to share your thoughts on how Space for Grace will shape itself in 2022. We are looking forward to hear from you. If you have Weekly Thoughts to share to the Space for Grace network, please get in touch with us. Here, you can find some helpful tips in Writing Weekly Thoughts. You can also download the Weekly Thought booklets. Thanks!

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