New beginnings with roots

By Richard Lister

A 70ft beech tree has tumbled. Its branches lie shattered, its once impressive trunk fallen. The storm won. As I step round the debris, I am reminded that strong roots are vital.

I don’t know what 2022 will bring for you or me. But I do know it will be a mixture of joys and storms. And to handle both well we will need healthy roots, solidly anchored.

I wonder what my roots are for life. And how well will they serve me in the year ahead? I wonder what your roots are.

I guess my roots include the support of close family and friends, nurtured through time together and mutual love and care. Physical fitness, especially outside, brings a sense of balance and vitality. I need to do more on that front! Painting and writing blogs give space for my creative side to grow. I think we’re all creative, just in different ways.

Work, with an opportunity to serve and times of silence and stillness are helpful. I’m learning to take a fast from my phone one day per week. All these roots are important and are part of God’s provision for us.

I think the deepest roots I need are those that connect me with God. The God who loves me, who is unfazed by the storms and is with me in both joys and difficulties. The Bible talks of God wanting us to be rooted and established in his love (Ephesians 3 v17). But how can we develop and cultivate such roots? I find listening to Lectio 365, a mobile App, for 10 minutes a day really helpful.

As you look ahead to 2022, how will you invest in your roots?

(Space for Grace wishes you a blessed Christmas. The next Weekly Thought will be published on Monday, the 10th of January 2022.)

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