Thank you!

We would like to say thanks to everyone who participated in the Space for Grace Leading with Hope webinar on the 26th of November. It was such a great opportunity to get to know some of the Space for Grace members. Thanks for sharing your lives, what you do, where you are and how you have been during this time of pandemic. We feel very much encouraged to know that you are willing to bless each other and to encourage one another.

During the discussion time, we heard most of you talked about reconnecting to the purpose of why we do what we do. This challenging COVID time had allowed us to reconsider the spiritual part of what we do, why we are where we are and to reset our priorities. It has also given us the time filled with opportunities for soul care, to take time off and to replenish. The importance of bringing hope to people has been even more important. One participant shared how people have been more open during this time.

This week, as you look back at the last year, how has life been? Where do you see God working?
– Where do you get your hope? How do you replenish that? How do you care for your soul?
– How do you try to inspire others with hope? What tips do you have?

If you have thoughts to share from the webinar and as you reflect on these questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will help you turn them into Weekly Thoughts that can be shared with this wider community.

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