I Just Want

By Jim Oehrig (American Leprosy Missions)

I just want ……………
The answers? Some are personal. Others repair hurts or mistakes. They may be practical or esoteric. Many are organisational, structural or systems-based.

Mine usually center on control, for processes (personal, the team, yearned-for program results) to unfold according to my criteria. Other times it is for institutional well-being and predictable inter-organisational collaboration.

Disappointments, actual or perceived, generate wants. We question God. He should bless O-U-R plans, smoothing the way for positive organisational dynamics or extra funding… as defined by the person in the mirror, the donor community, so-called innovative approaches or even our marketing people.

We are all restoration projects, but disdain and run from the remodeling. It is too close, too painful. We do not value what God is working to produce in us (Is 55.8-9). We neglect His values, goodness and deliverance even though we (purportedly) acknowledge they are enduring (Pro 19.21). Our prayer is to align ourselves to His plan and see our organisations as agents of the reconciliation of all things (Col 1.20)

Stop for a moment and consider:
What are your ‘wants’ as you begin this week? What do you think God is saying to you about them?
What remodeling do you think God wants to do in you?

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