Coffee and Your Organization’s Growth

By Matt Parker

For me, each morning begins with a strong cup of coffee.

Making the ideal cup of coffee takes some time. After measuring out the granules, adding water to the coffeemaker, and pressing the “start” button, I sit back and watch as the newly percolated coffee slowly drips and trickles into the cup below.

It creates the perfect result and is always worth the wait.

This morning, as I sat, bleary-eyed, watching the coffee drip into the cup, I reflected on the similarities of the drip-by-drip approach for making coffee, and for building our organizations.

We may have a clear vision for what we want to accomplish, the goals we need to meet, programmes we must create. But achieving this takes time – and often more time than we would like to take.

Rather than rushing to find a quick fix, growing a healthy organization can be more of a drip-by-drip process. Sometimes we can get frustrated at how long it takes. But the results of this approach are often so much better than if we rush too quickly to make the changes that are needed.

As you look at your organization, what is the next “drip” or two that must be added in the next week?

Is it a training program for your team? Must you send a special communication to your supporters? Is a tweak needing be made to one of your processes?

Start by praying. Decide what God is saying. Move forward with accomplishing this. Make it happen.

And, as you pour yourself another cup of coffee, commit the entire process, your vision, and your people, to God.

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