Look back and remember

By Elaine Vitikainen

A few years ago, I facilitated a reflection exercise with an organisation to look back
at its life over the last 15 years. We recalled the events and accomplishments in the organisation. We also looked at the high points and the low points on the journey and how people felt during those times. Participants shared their memories. At the end, I asked them to think about who they are and what has characterised how they have worked together over the years. It was a good session. The participants were encouraged and inspired. It reawakened people’s commitment to actively engage in the day-to- day work.

This exercise reminded me of Joshua’s final speech. During Joshua’s farewell, he looked back at all that God has done during his leadership. In Joshua 24: 31, it says “Israel served the Lord throughout the lifetime of Joshua”. Joshua emphasised that God is the only source of their success.

It is immensely valuable every now and then to look back as an organisation, to contemplate the journey and recognise how God has been with you all the way.

This week:
Plan time with your team (however short) to stop and reflect. Look back and ask yourselves how things have gone, what you have learned, and where did you sense God’s presence this year. Create space to reconnect with why you do what you do.

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Space for Grace wishes you a blessed Christmas. The next Weekly Thought will be published on Monday, the 13th of January 2020.


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