Meeting Jesus in hectic leadership

By Sven-Erik Fjellström


Dear Martha,
Hope this email finds you well and not too busy.

I’ve recently been talking to some friends about that day when Jesus came to visit you (Luke 10:38-42). Things must have been very hectic indeed – and your sister Mary for one reason or another just decided to sit down to listen to Jesus.

Many of us share your frustration. I think we all have “both a Martha and a Mary in us”. The tricky thing is to find the balance. This applies to leadership too I suppose. But when thinking about leadership in hectic times, I worry about the artificial separation we make between the spiritual and worldly.

For me, periods of hectic leadership have sometimes been the most spiritual times in my life. Facing huge challenges forced me to pray like never before. I do understand your frustration about Mary. But I’m also inspired by you as a praying, meditating and reflecting person. The deep conversation you had with Jesus when your brother Lazarus died, as well as your confession that Jesus is the Messiah made me reevaluate my first impressions of you.

So, please, as soon as time allows, let me know what you think about the balance between the spiritual and worldly in our leadership.

Stay blessed,                                                                                                                                                           Sven-Erik

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