People of peace

By Dorothy Grace Stewart

Like many of you my work has taken me away from home for varying amounts of time – a privilege but not without challenge. A close friend began to pray for ‘people of peace to cross my path.’ I have followed this example and been overwhelmed by the way this prayer has been answered time and again.

Have you ever looked back on a piece of work and thought, “That person made all the difference?” So often, I have found that there are one or two individuals I meet during a consultancy that seemingly have been put in that organisation for such a time as this. They are courageous individuals who continue to allow themselves to be affected by the Holy Spirit for communal good; men and women who often have quiet ministries to their teams; people who are committed to the nudging of the Holy Spirit more than vision statements, strategic goals or expert consultants.

Jesus encouraged his followers to faithfully look for the individuals who were already partnering with the Holy Spirit in their own communities and directed them to pay attention (Luke 10).

This week:
Pray for ‘people of peace’ to cross your path?
Pray for them to have discernment in listening to God for their organisations, courage in acting when necessary and influence in the larger life of the organisation.

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