To win by losing  

By Karl-Erik Lundgren

Deep in every human being there is a desire to succeed. We want to achieve and be the best at whatever we do. Is there anything wrong with this? Perhaps not in itself, but maybe in the way we go about it. In the heat of the contest we may be selfish and merciless.

Some years back I heard a story about a Paralympic athlete. I don’t remember his real name, so I’ll call him John. He had a childhood dream to win a gold medal. He trained hard for many years and amazingly reached the Paralympics final. When the gun went off, John ran as fast as he could. All was going well, until out of the corner of his eye, John saw his fellow competitor stumble and fall. Without really thinking, John stopped to help the other athlete get back to his feet. The two runners ended last in the race. John did not win the gold medal, but he won gratitude, love and a new close friend. He showed the world a different way to handle this desire to be the best at any cost.

Jesus said that unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies it will remain alone but if it dies it will give much fruit. As long as we are too focused on ourselves and do not see or bother about other people’s situations, we will remain alone, fruitless. But if we accept this ‘death’ or loss, we release the hidden power in the small grain when it germinates. A new life starts to grow which will be a powerful source of blessing for others.

What personal ambitions, even ministry-related ones, may you need to let go of?
Who around you may be stumbling and needs your help?

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