Less of everything

By Jonathan Mbuna

The world is now talking of ‘less’ in almost every new innovation that is coming on the market. We now are seeing paperless offices, tubeless tyres, cordless appliances, wireless phones and many more ‘less’ innovations. I wonder if the same ‘less’ can be said of church leadership today. It got me thinking and even daring to question myself. What I all too often see is:

  • Valueless leadership: Leadership which does not value honesty, integrity, faithfulness and truth is valueless. Leadership without values usually follows the saying ‘the end justifies the means’ – Where am I tempted to compromise my values?
  • Directionless leadership: Some leaders have a poor sense of direction. They are
    not able to communicate to their followers where they believe they should go. Vision is blurred – How clear is my vision in my leadership?
  • Thoughtless leadership: Some “decisive” leaders are prone to speaking before thinking, deciding without consideration and acting impatiently – When did I last act too hastily?
  • Spineless leadership: Some leaders do not have a strong moral stand. They shift with the prevailing winds of opinion. As Mark Twain said ‘Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect’ – What principles do I need to relentlessly hold onto in my leadership?
  • Headless leadership: Some leaders fail to lead. They abdicate responsibility and refuse to take difficult leadership decisions – Where am I failing to fulfil my leadership responsibilities – at work, at home, in church?

This week:
Let’s see where our leadership can be ‘more’, not ‘less’.

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