Who is praying for you?

By Niklas Eklöv

”God, I pray that mom and dad will have a good time at work”. It was Moses my 7-year old son who prayed for the day, as we try to do at breakfast time every day. A short prayer. I had heard it before. Actually every time he prays, it’s the same one. But that morning, the words came alive somehow. It was like I really understood what they meant. I was so encouraged that he prayed for me and my work. That prayer carried me the whole day and reminded me that having someone to pray for you is such an asset. Something I really need.

That’s why I miss Ingrid. She was an old spinster in our church in her 80’s. Always extremely energetic, although bodily frail. Passionate for God and always with her Bible close to her. For some reason, she had adopted me as her “prayer child” and she was always keen to hear how my work life was. I particularly remember one Sunday. Ingrid came up to me and said: “Oh, you should know Niklas. Jesus woke me up in the middle of the night and said I should pray for you and your work.” Ingrid is not with me any longer. But she taught me the importance of having people that could accompany me in prayers in challenging work or leadership situations.

This week, take time to reflect on:

  • Who is praying for you in your work situation or leadership role?
  • Who are you praying for?

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