Cultivating honest feedback

Recently, I have been disturbed by reading about the life of Saul. Saul entered kingship with a humble spirit. As he became more experienced as a leader, he let his position
go to his head. When pride and disobedience replaced his humility, he rejected God and His presence left him. Although Saul clung to his leadership position for another 15 years, he did so in his own strength and faced increasing difficulties.

All of us in any position of leadership face the real danger of pride – particularly when we are surrounded by people who want us to like them. We find it more difficult to see our faults and admit our mistakes. We begin to blame others more and more. Pride grows like a weed. Leading by human inclination alone can never replace leading by the spirit of God. It takes God’s wisdom to lead in a Godly manner.

There are practical steps we can take to avoid this. We need to actively seek out people who are honest enough to speak truthfully to us. Feedback, however painful, is a vital way to root out pride.

This week:

  • Who do you have at work who will give you honest feedback?
  • How can you make sure you hear honest feedback on a regular basis?

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