Broke or broken?

By Niklas Eklöv

Critics call the humanitarian system both “broke” and “broken”. There are many signs that they are right. The world is currently facing an overwhelming humanitarian crisis with around 60 million people refugees or internally displaced. According to the UNHCR, it’s likely to get worse.

The UN itself admits that the humanitarian system is broke, but not broken. The first-ever World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul in May 2016 addressed the huge challenges.

These words “broke” and “broken” have kept coming to my mind. What is God’s perspective on this? Has not God turned things upside down making “brokenness” into an asset through Jesus?

The Bible tells us God sent Jesus to take all of humanity’s brokenness upon himself (Isaiah 53:5); to bring healing to the broken-hearted (Isaiah 61:1, Psalm 147:3); and to restore us into a right relationship with God (John 1:12, 1 John 3:1). What a resource for a broken world. As children of God we are not broke, but broken people being healed by Jesus, and sent into the world following the example of Christ (John 20:21).

This week, take time to reflect on:

  • Is brokenness and vulnerability something that is accepted, encouraged or avoided in your organisation?
  • How could you in your situation this week be a resource for God to bring healing to the world?


  1. Well said and its very strong thought. We can only change our organizations (family), our lives as we let Jesus makes our tears and brokenness into something worthwhile, but we need first to recognize that we are broken, differently from UN that does not recognize it. May the Lord shows us the ways to be a solutions to heal our organizations. In Jesus name

    1. This is a very touching and encouraging comment. Thank you. I was just reminded of how major development players neglect religion and faith in development when as Christians, we are merely attempting to live out our fundamental beliefs in what we do. Allowing God to work in us and through us makes what we do more meaningful and hopefully, everlasting.

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